July 21, 2020, 3:20 Jul

Disco Breakfast

I made this to get rep from my friends who aren't that big into Drum & Bass (should get better friends, but geography constrains me). I also do like House and Disco a lot - the more astute listener may note similarities to Right In The Socket by Shalamar and Surrender by Gerd Jansen and Shan, both banging tunes. The sample is a Nervous Records acapella.

This one's not 100% finished, so let me know what you think I could improve and I'll include it in the next upload. Just listening to it again now and actually I really hate that high synth in the second drop. Also If you can't hear the whole song online, you may have to download it.

Oh and don't bother telling me it's not Disco, I know it isn't, I just know that I wanted to make a Disco track :P

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